UK Partnerships Hub

Please join us for our rescheduled seventh annual UK Partnerships Hub – this year in Glasgow. We will still be following our initial theme of PPP’s role in addressing climate change but will also be creating a platform for discussing the fall-out from Covid-19. 

This will include impact on deals not yet completed, how well the contracts (and partnerships) were able to cope with operational challenges and how best to deal with adjustments when we start to recover from the pandemic. We will also be looking at how to future proof contracts in light of the lessons learnt this year. 

Our event was already organised into smaller seminars and roundtables so we can adapt to any restrictions on larger gatherings but while giving attendees a chance to benefit from some face-to-face interaction that we have all been missing. 

I hope to see you in Glasgow.

Discussions are to include:

  • Evaluating PPP’s response to Covid-19

  • Managing handback of PFIs

  • City-led housing and regeneration partnerships

  • Infrastructure investment in the new age of mobility

  • Challenges and opportunities for infrastructure on the way to reaching net zero

  • Managing evolution and change within existing PPPs

  • Infrastructures role in adressing climate change

  • Connecting energy and private finance

Event News